Warranty Related Documents

Please note that the version that comes with the equipment is the official warranty and these copies are provided for your convenience.

Virtual Sun Tanning Bed WarrantyVirtual Sun Tanning Bed Warranty
Copy of the warranty for Virtual Sun tanning beds.

Warranty Claims PolicyWarranty Claims Policy
General policies regarding making a warranty claim.

SunMaster Residential Tanning Bed WarrantySunMaster Residential Tanning Bed Warranty
Copy of the warranty for SunMaster residential tanning beds. Note that it is different than the warranty for commercial 240v tanning beds.

Lamp PoliciesLamp Policies
Our official policy regarding tanning lamp performance and guarantees.

SunMaster Commercial Tanning Beds WarrantySunMaster Commercial Tanning Beds Warranty
General warranty for SunMaster tanning beds used in a commercial environment, including all 240V and 28+ lamp tanning beds.

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