Our policies for handling warranty claims are the same for every tanning bed we sell. If we sell it, we will handle the warranty directly. You can make a warranty claim toll-free at 1-800-274-1744 during regular business hours.

If you purchased a SunMaster, Virtual Sun or Alpha Sun from one of our many local US distributors, you need to contact them for service and support. If you have a problem getting premium support from your dealer, call us at 1-800-274-1744 and we will contact your dealer.

To expedite your claim, you should have your tanning bed brand and model written down, along with the problem you are experiencing. It is helpful if you close to your tanning bed when making this call to us. The reason is that about 50% of all warranty claims made during the first 30 days of ownership are actually due to a minor installation error, not a part failure. Not connecting all the cables, or improper installation of the hydraulic pistons are typical examples. Being close the tanning bed allows us to check a few common problems first, and usually can have you up and operating in just 2 or 3 minutes.

If you do need a part, we are usually able to figure out what you need within a few minutes, and ship it within one business day. The key is to take notes of the problem. This insures you don't forget any important issues or information that we need to guarantee we send the right part.

If your tanning bed came with a warranty card, be sure to send it off as soon as you get the bed. This will make handling warranty issues faster.

Special notes regarding labor warranty:
The labor warranty does not cover installation, modification or any other work related to putting your tanning bed into service. It only covers the work needed to replace or repair a part that is covered during the period of your warranty that labor is covered. The labor warranty is only valid for tanning beds that remain with the customer, and does not apply to tanning beds that are returned under any Money Back Guarantee (if applicable). Under all circumstances, labor under all warranties must be pre-approved by our service department in order to be eligible for compensation. Labor performed without our pre-approval or on equipment that is returned for any reason is not covered by any warranty.

Special notes regarding shipping and handling:
Some tanning beds we sell are labeled as "free shipping". This assumes you will keep the bed. In the event a product is accepted for return for any reason, the customer is responsible for shipping charges, both ways, plus any missing products, paperwork or documentation. Warranty coverage does not include shipping charges for replacement parts or for labor to repair the tanning bed once it is passed the labor warranty period.

Customer service that is second to none:
Remember, you also get toll-free, lifetime support when you buy any tanning bed from us, and on all SunMaster beds, even if you bought it used. Same phone number, 1-800-274-1744. This means that even if you need a part out of warranty, we will walk you through the process of figuring out what part you need, and helping you install it yourself. You are never alone when you buy direct from UVA SunSystems/TanningLamps4Less.

We enjoy a Customer Service approval of over 99%, as independently rated by Yahoo. Our customer service in handling warranties is just one reason why.

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