Workhorse 8 ballast

Designed to push 1, 2 or 3 lamps in the F71-F74 100W range, or up to 6 F32T8 (4 foot long, inch in diameter) lamps. Can be used to power two 160W lamps with a special wiring diagram. Our universal lamp ends are already internally jumped together. If you use older style lamp holders with 4 holes for wires, you will need to jump the two pins manually.

Note, this ballast will not drive 100w lamps as solidly as the Sunhorse ballast, although it is comparable to older style ballasts in output. If you want maximum output, use the Sunhorse for F71 lamps.

Wiring diagram to power 3 x 100 watt F71 lamps. Note: To power 6 x F32 lamps, use this same wiring diagram, except you use all 6 red wires, one per lamp.

Wiring diagram to power 2 x 160 watt F71 lamps

Maximum Power: 220W
Model Number: WH8-120-L
Maximum Current: 1.8 AMP
Operating Voltage: 120 VAC
Black/White Wires: 18"
Red/Yellow Wires: 36"
Ballast Case Size: H 1" x W 1.72" x L 18.25"
Ballast Weight: 34 oz.
Regulatory Approvals: UL & cUL Listed Type 1 Outdoors
High Power Factor: >.90
Open Circuit Voltage: 600 V RMS Max.
Min. Operating Temp.: -20* F (-30* C)
Max. Case Temp.: 158* F (70* C)
Lamp Starting Mode: Instant Start
Class P: Thermal
Sound Rating: A
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
ATHD: Meets ANSI C82.11-1993
Protection/Overcurrent: Fuse
Protection/Voltage Transients: MOV (PER ANSI C82.11 - 1993)

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