UV Curing Support

Note! Some of this may be out of date. For the most up to date info, go directly to the Solacure website which is kept up to date, as they are the manufacturer.

Here you will find a number of short articles on UV curing and considerations when creating your own UV curing rig. We aren't experts on UV curing (that is your job) but we do have almost 30 years working with electronics and UV lights, so we are confident we can help you easily build a custom system that will make your life easier.

UV curing musical instrumentsUV curing musical instrumentsBasic information about SunMaster UV curing lights, lamp spacing, ballasts and musical instruments.

Using UV to age or darken woodUsing UV to age or darken woodUV lights can be used to darken wood for musical instruments, or simply match up the color of new wood when adding to or repairing cabinetry.

What is RUVA and why do I want it?What is RUVA and why do I want it?Explaining reflector lamps technology as it applies to UV curing.

What does F71, F32, T12 and T8 mean?What does F71, F32, T12 and T8 mean?Sizing codes for fluorescent lamps explained.

Powering your UV curing lampsPowering your UV curing lampsSome of the choices you have when choosing a power supply for your SunMaster UV curing lamps.

How long will it take to UV cure my finish?How long will it take to UV cure my finish?The question that everyone has. The answer is simple: It depends.

How to UV cure items longer than 6 foot long.How to UV cure items longer than 6 foot long.Brief page on how to stagger the lamps to cure items longer than 6 foot.

Lamp spacing for UV cure devicesLamp spacing for UV cure devicesBrief and universal info about spacing the lamps in your UV curing rig.

Temperature vs. UV output when curing finishesTemperature vs. UV output when curing finishesExplanation of how temperature can drastically affect UV output of your custom UV curing system.

UV curing lights and eye safetyUV curing lights and eye safetyPlease read: About the potential dangers of UV on your eyes.

Picking the right lamp for your finishPicking the right lamp for your finishWhy you need to know the center frequency of your curing product before you buy lamps. A short article designed to save you some headaches before you get started.

Can I build a curing rig cheaper?Can I build a curing rig cheaper?Our resident nerd explains a few pitfalls to avoid, and ways to save some money.

Solacure and Solarez productsSolacure and Solarez productsOur lamps are tested using Solarez brand resin.

More about how we test lampsMore about how we test lampsGeneral information on how we test lamps with different ballasts.

UV curing auto paintUV curing auto paintInformation on UV curing lights for automobile finishes.

Warning - High VoltageWarning - High VoltageSome information you might not know about working with electronic ballasts.

Understanding the rated life of UV lampsUnderstanding the rated life of UV lampsThis explains how we rate lamp life, and what it really means for UV curing applications.

Removing wires from a lamp holderRemoving wires from a lamp holderEasy directions to removing a wire from a lamp holder. Handy information when building your own custom UV curing rig.

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