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Now a more detailed explanation of these transformers for electricians and salon owners...

Many tanning beds with 36 or more lamps now connect to power using 3 Phase, 208V distribution systems. This has obvious benefits of keeping the load even accross the incoming power legs, and reduces the size of wire needed to power the tanning bed because the load is over 3 wires instead of 2. The downside is that if you need a buckboost transformer, it is considerably more expensive.

Although the 3 Phase buckboost transformers are much higher in price, when you balance this with the reduced price to install a high current tanning bed in a 3 phase configuration, it is still the best option.

There are literally dozens of different transformers for 3 phase power, and it depends on the EXACT voltage coming into the building, as measured using a digital volt meter. It also depends on the distribution type, Wye or Delta, although Delta is exceedingly rare in most buildings that you would find a tanning salon in. The Wye configuration has 3 legs of 120V (nominal) that are 120 degrees out of phase. This produces a nominal 208V across any two legs.

Unlike a 3 phase motor that would use all three legs to produce full voltage, the tanning bed simply divides the 3 legs into a triplet of 2 wire circuits. This means that in order to buck or boost the voltage, you can't use a single transformer. Your options are to use three single phase transformers or one 3 phase transformer.

NOTE: Some installers will install TWO single phase transformers, but this isn't a good idea. What you end up with is 3 different voltages inside the tanning bed, typically 220V, 230V and 240V. This isn't balanced, and will affect the life of the system, and the performance. Using two transformers is theoretically "acceptable" but it is far from ideal and offers very little savings. Considering the wear and tear, it actually costs you more to do it this way.

The best solution is to use a bonified 3 phase transformer OR 3 single phase tranformers. The 3 phase transformer will cost more, but reduces the labor to install by 2/3rds, so it is always the best choice, and costs less to install for the customer. It also cuts down the headaches for the electrician doing the install. (Mr. Electrician, trust us on this one...)

A 3 phase transformer should always be hard wired, with no plug. Flex conduit is used (see local codes) and this provides the tanning bed with a safe connection to power. A cut off switch is required in a few localities. Again, check your local code. Most do not require this, as the breaker itself is the main switch.

They are typically 45-60 pounds, and should be either mounted or placed very near the main junction box where the power comes into the room with the tanning bed. Typically the electrician will run about 1-3 foot of flex conduit to the transformer, then run flex from the transformer to the bed, 6 to 9 feet. If you install a cut off switch, it is best to install it between the transformer and the main power, so the transformer is NOT engergized when the switch is off. Again, see local codes.

If you are installing several of these transformers, you might instead take a look at a Panel Box Transformer. This is a larger three phase transformer that comes in 200A to 800A sizes, and can provide power for several tanning beds. They range in price from $1800 to $5000 typically, and are more cost effective if you are installing several larger beds. They install at the main power, and transform the incoming power for the entire building (or part if you sub panel it out). Call us for more information.

You should only buy the items below once you are POSITIVE you are ordering the right part. Calling 1-800-274-1744 is usually a good idea if you are not sure. UL and C-UL or UR Recognized.

3 Phase 30 Amp Transformer

3 Phase 40 Amp Transformer

3 Phase 50 Amp Transformer

3 Phase 60 amp Transformer

3 Phase 80 amp to 800 amps

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