Sunhorse ballast

Used in many 2006+ SunMaster tanning beds. Super efficient, extremely cool running, state of the art. They are the most advanced ballasts available.

Designed to push 1 to 4 lamps in the F71-F74 100W range. Can be used to power two 160W lamps, but is not within specification to do so, thus not warranted for such. (this is a more powerful way to push two 160W lamps than the WH8)

Please note: This is NOT a direct or simple retrofit for other tanning beds, and it wires up VERY DIFFERENTLY. If you are looking for a replacement ballast for a NON-SunMaster bed, and you are not a technician, don't order this ballast. Like all electronics, it is non-returnable for other than defect. If you are comfortable swapping out a few wires, this is an excellent replacement for ballasts that are no longer available.

Need a diagram to convert an old bed to new technology? Click here.


1 or 2 x F71, F72 F73, F74 or F79 T12 HO
1 or 2 x F71, F72 F73, F74 or F79 T12 VHO (special wiring diagram)
3 x F24 / F30 / F36 / F48 / F59 / F60 / F64 / F71-74 / F84 T12HO
4 x F24 / F30 / F36 / F48 / F59 / F60 / F64 / F71-74 T12HO
* Dimensions: 18.75"L x 1.25"T x 3"W
* Power: 320 watts max @ either 120V or 230V.
* Amp draw: 2.86A @ 120VAC, 1.52A @230VAC
* Max. Temp: 70°C (158°F) (typically lower)

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