Lamp holder - Universal mount

This is a universal lamp end holder / socket for use in specialty applications such as UV curing or other uses, and probably will not fit a tanning bed as an OEM replacement. It is a beefy, rock solid part built by Leviton® with a single notch in the base for a single screw flush mount, plus rails for slide mounting in fixtures. The base is solid, not hollow and the entire part is extra beefy for many years of use. It is a "shunted" design (both pins are connected to each other internally) for use specifically with Workhorse or SunHorse ballast systems only, so doesn't work with older choke or magnetic ballasts. These can be surface mounted on wood or similar material using a single screw with a flat bottom, such as a machine or pan head style. (shown below)

proper screw for tanning lamp holder

They are rated for 600 volts, up to 660w each. They use an internal spring mechanism, so no center spinning hub is needed, making them more reliable, plus they really lock the lamp into place. They will work on any T12 or T8 fluorescent lamp, any length, including F14 to F71. Sold as individual units, but you will need two per lamp.

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