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  Confused about tanning lamps?
Confused about which tanning lamps you need?

Let us help you. Since 1985, no one has helped more people than TanningLamps4Less.   We make it quick and easy to find the right tanning lamp, the first time.

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  More power from your tanning bulbs
Get the maximum power out of your home tanning bed

This new article will show you how you can get more power out of your home tanning bed, cheap!  It has tips on maximizing your bed with your current lamps, and help in picking out the right type of lamp for your particular tanning bed.  Written by an expert with over 18 years experience and over 100 published articles.  You don't have to spend money to benefit from this information.

Read before you buy lamps.
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Yes, we have your lamps in stock.  We keep the largest inventory of tanning lamps on the planet, guaranteed.

We also guarantee the lowest prices.  While everyone makes this claim, tanning lamps are our specialty, and we handle more lamps in a week than some sellers handle in a year.  You are invited to call and compare our prices with anyone else.  We know you will call back.

Not sure what lamp you need?  Let us help you.  We are the oldest original seller of tanning lamps in the USA (over 27 years).  We have been helping people just like you find the right lamp at the right price for a long time.  Not only are we the most experienced when it comes to tanning lamps, but no one else even comes close.

Buying for mutliple beds?  Call for discounts up to 40% off the website prices.   Because we palletize orders over 2 cases, and have reduced handling, we can save you a lot of money.


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TanningLamps4Less started in 1985, and offers more than low prices.  We own the factory and build SunMaster tanning beds here in America, plus carry a full line of lotion and other products not shown on this dedicated tanning lamp website. Visit our other websites, such as TanningBeds4Less for more products.   We have a tremendous amount of online support in the Support/FAQ area, and of course, you can call us at 1-800-274-1744 for expert help during business hours.

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New Lamp Kits Save You Time And Money

Upgrade your existing SunQuest®, SunVision® or other tanning bed and add face tanning, or even turn it into a LEG TANNING MACHINE, and you don't have to rewire anything!  We put the technology inside the lamp!  Check out our Tanning Lamp Kits and you will see why TanningLamps4Less is the largest online seller of tanning lamps on the planet!
UV Curing - From surfboards to guitars

We not only sell lamps that are designed for UV curing, but we are constantly developing new UV cure products as well! Surfboards, violins, pool cues, guitars, ukuleles, screen printing, you name it, we've helped people do it! We also stock ballasts and complete kits to create your own UV cure rig, and offer tons of online and phone support. We have complete UV curing kits starting under $200. Best of all, they are completely expandable, easy to build and have everything you need to start UV curing your products in less than a day.

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SunMaster Pro Body tanning bulbs

Award Winning Customer Service

No one has received more awards for online customer satisfaction than UVA SunSystems/TanningLamps4Less.  Each year, Yahoo has awarded us as a Top Seller because of our consistent 98% Customer Satisfaction rating every year since we began selling online, over 10 years ago. We've also been ranked A+ (the highest possible score) by the Better Business Bureau every year since 1985. We love what we do, and it shows. This is why we have more repeat business, and why sell more lamps than any other website on the planet.  Call or shop online and see for yourself.


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We have tanning bulbs for every tanning bed made. Needing F72 tanning bulbs? You don't need specials adapters, because we stock many lamps in this less common size. These were common for older Suntana and Tansyou tanning beds, as well as a few SCA models from the 1980s. We also have F74 tanning bulbs for Sundash Platinum beds, at a great price. Call us during business hours at 1-800-274-1744 if you are not sure which tanning bulbs you need, for expert support.

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