Dear Friend,

      First, I want to thank you for stopping by.  I started UVA SunSystems back in 1985 with the goal of making a living while doing something I really enjoy.  While we have grown 50 fold, UVA is still very casual and a fun place to work.  What hasn't changed is our customer service. We mean it when we say "We love what we do, and it shows".  We are convinced that this is why we have enjoyed tremendous growth over the decades, while others have come and gone.  We ARE different (we hear that a lot...) but I think you will like the way we do business.

       Here are some basics on how we work with salon owners:   If you are ordering 60 or more lamps, you really need to call us for a lower price. 1-800-274-1744. You will typically 20% to 40% depending on quantity.

       Due to manufacturer regulations, we can not publish our lowest prices for lamps, but you can save up to $3-$4 per lamp when you buy in quantity. On a half pallet (288 lamps), we can usually save you $500 to $800 easily, plus give you free shipping, saving you another $150 or so. Call our lamp department with a list of lamps that you need and allow us the chance to give you a quote.

       We don't telemarket, send spam or bulk mail, have fancy catalogs, run expensive full page ads or have commissioned salesmen. These are expensive, and lets be honest: YOU pay for these things with higher prices. We just sell the lamps you know, at a price that might surprise you.

       Because we also build tanning beds, we buy lamps in volumes well beyond dealers, so our costs are lower, and we can pass this on to you. We have been doing this quietly for over 20 years now. We also have great prices on parts, accessories, lotions and obviously tanning beds.

       We hope you call and give us a chance to earn your business. We are available during normal business hours at 1-800-274-1744. This is the same number you call for warranty claims, support, sales or any time you need to speak with us. We always pay for the call.

       Thanks for checking us out online. Please bookmark us now to make coming back easier, and we look forward to doing business with you.

Yours Truly,

Rick Pierce,
Founder and President
UVA SunSystems, Inc.