Lamp Starter

These are the small cylinders that sit next to your 80 or 100 watt lamp in "choke" style tanning beds. These beds typically use F71 lamps, although not all beds that use F71 need these. Beds that need these include:

Most 24+ lamp Wolff Systems®
Sunal, Alisun, Alpha Sun, Private Sun
SonnenBraune(some models only)
Dr. Kern, Montego Bay Celebrity (some models)
Many, many other brands.

If your tanning bed uses RAPID start electronics or does NOT have starters installed, then you do NOT need them! Beds that do not use them include SunMaster, Montego Bay Classic, SunDash, and many more.

If you have lamps that are sluggish to start, or won't start at all, but the lamp itself is fine, then this is the part you need, and its EASY to install.

If you are changing your lamps and it has been a few years since you have replaced your starters, it is a good idea to get a set (one for each lamp). If you are a salon with beds that use starters, it is a good idea to keep a few in stock.

Item shipped may be COS160, K11 or S12, which are functionally equivalent for 80w to 140w lamps. If they look different than the parts you removed, don't worry, they will function exactly the same. Just be sure to order one per lamp in your tanning bed.

Get the most out of your tanning lamps