Although Puretan has gone out of business, we can help current Puretan owners with almost all their parts and lamp needs.

We have compatible lamps for all the Puretan tanning beds, and you can buy them online or just call us at 1-800-274-1744 x133 and speak with Richard. Our compatible lamps are built in the same factory as the original Puretan lamps by Light Sources, Inc. and will function exactly like the original lamps. We can also provide hydraulics, acrylics, ballast and many other parts.

Puretan Compatibility Chart
When matching compatibility, make sure you also get the right SIZE, F59, F71, F72, F73, etc.

If you are using this lamp: You can legally use one of these lamp:
Puretan 2.6 Morning Sun 2.6
Puretan S+ SunMaster Pro Bronzer F73
Midday Sun 5.0 F72 and F73
Puretan S+ bi-pin SunMaster Custom Bronzer(800 hour)
SunMaster Pro Bronzer(1200 hour)
lMidday Sun 5.0 F71
Puretan SX Equator Sun 8.5
Spectralarium R+ Midday Sun 5.0 RUVA
Spectralarium VHO/R+ Midday Sun 5.0 VHOR
Puretan VHO/R+ call for options
Spectralarium SF+ call for options
Puretan VHO/RF+ call for options
Puretan 73 Miami Dual Sun F73

Please call us for other lamps and other options at 1-800-274-1744 x133

UVA SunSystems, Inc. / TanningLamps4Less is not affiliated in any way with Puretan and only sells compatible lamps for these systems. Images shown are for product comparison and identification only. Puretan is a trademark of Puretan, Inc. and not affiliated with this site. Visit for their official site and other information.

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