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The ultimate lamp for people who want slower but deeper tans that last longer and resist fading, for a richer golden brown color that no ordinary Wolff lamp can touch.

Upgrade today.

Pro Reflector lamps are designed for people who know what they want.   It's for those with sensitive skin, or anyone who enjoys full 20 minute tanning sessions.  Don't mistake their low burn potential for "weak", they are a very powerful tanning lamp, but they focus most of their power in the bronzing portion of the spectrum, not the burning portion.  They tan a little slower, but they will tan you much deeper, which means your tan won't fade as fast and you will get darker in a few weeks than you would with a regular lamp. The graphic below shows you the difference in regular lamps, and RUVA tanning lamps like the Pro Reflector:

Left: Typical lamps emit light in all directions. Some is reflected by aluminum reflectors. 30% to 50% is simply lost for good. Right: The Pro Reflector lamp pushes all the light out the front of the lamp. The blue arrows indicate the extra UV that will reflect back to you. 95% of the light reaches the tanner.

Pro Reflector tanning bulbs are for people who enjoy their time in the tanning bed, and are looking for the deepest and darkest possible tan.  They are not quite as fast as our Bronzer or Plus lamps, but within a few weeks, they will get you darker and the tan lasts much longer than any ordinary lamp, we guarantee it.  This deeper tan means you are building tan upon tan, and the little bit of extra patience you invest in building your tan pays off with the most golden brown tan you can get, with no red or orange tones.  The Pro Reflector uses the same technology (RUVA) used in the giant megabeds, found at better salons.

SunMaster Pro Twister Tanning Bulbs
The built in reflector guarantees that no UV is wasted.

Technical Info

Life rating: 1200 hours
(7 year at home)
UVB rating: 2.6% (4.5% effective)
Color: blue
Sizes: F71 (FR71) 100w, T12
Hotness factor: low
Bronzing factor:  VERY high

Designed for tanning salons and discriminating home tanning bed owners who want a low burning and deeper tanning experience.

Skin types: All that can tan
Works in all SunQuest Wolff, SunVision, Sunstar, Soleil, Solar Storm, SunMaster, Alpha Sun or other beds that use F71 size lamps.   Call 1-800-274-1744 if you need help determining size.

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Convert F71 tanning lamps into F72 or F73