We don't have to tell you that times are challenging. We want to present some ideas to help you save money, and perhaps attract new business at the same time. While many salons are cutting back on service and products, you should instead be looking at this as an opportunity to gain customers by upgrading some of your services. Best of all, you can make a big difference without spending a lot of money.

The most cost effective way to keep your customers happy is by upgrading your oldest tanning bed with a new idea in lamps. This is much cheaper than buying a new bed, and often you can get a better response anyway. Here are some ideas to breathe new life into your old tanning beds.
1.  Leg Tanning Bed - Any tanning bed that uses an F71 can be converted into a "Leg Tanning Machine". We sell MANY new beds with this configuration, as 1 in 5 women complain that they can't tan their legs as dark as their upper body. This is due to shaving, etc. You can simply install a set of SunMaster Custom Body (or Pro Body) lamps in your oldest bed, with the label over their leg areas. When the bed is energized, half of the bed is pink (the 6.5% part) and half is blue (traditional 5%). This puts about 20% more UVB over the legs for higher melanin stimulation. This can be done for almost any tanning bed, and the lamp is compatible with many popular OEM lamps. Here is an image approximating what it would look like:

Another advantage of this system is the visual appeal, as you customers will definately see that something is "different" as soon as you turn the bed on.
2.  Upgrade to ClearTech - ClearTech lamps are more than "cool looking", they are actually a completely new tanning lamp technology, created in standard lamp form. They use different glass that is more transparent, different phosphors that are lead-free, cadmium-free, lower mercury and last up to twice as long as regular lamps. More importantly, they have a UV light output it that is much broader than the narrow bands produced by regular lamps. This means they are more sun-similar, and the results you get are MUCH more like a tan in the real sun. They are also faster tanning (we put them in our 15 minute beds). Fortunately, they are legally compatible with many other OEM lamps as well.

Your customer will first notice that they are brighter than other lamps, and they glow a pleasant green. What will keep them coming back is how they will see a difference in just one or two sessions. They are really that good. They cost more, but since they last twice as long, they actually cost you less per session than any other lamp we sell. This also reduces your maintenance as you change lamps half as often. Salon owners who try these in one bed tend to replace all their beds with these lamps. They come in sizes F71, F72, F73 and F59.
3. Add face tanning - This is extremely cost effective and is visually appealing as well. Best of all, it works perfectly without any extra hardware and is compatible with many OEM lamps. You just replace all the lamps in your canopy with Custom Face (or Pro Face) lamps, with the label over the face area. (These are perfectly balanced with Pro Bronzer lamps in the bench) This has over a foot of the pink phosphor, which is a special 6.5% hotter phosphor for extra face tanning.

Again, this works in any bed that uses F71 sized lamps.
So, before you go and replace that tanning bed, consider upgrading the performance instead. Add visual appeal, create a customized system that appeals to many of your clients, or simply to just add something "new" that is worth talking about. Call us at 1-800-274-1744 for more tips and to get salon pricing for these affordable options.

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