Click to enlargePhotoTech has created a new set of LED systems, including 633nm red light therapy LED tubes that will retrofit into almost every tanning bed made that uses F71 sized lamps! Most dedicated LED systems cost $40,000-$60,000, but we can help you convert your tanning bed for a TINY fraction of that cost, and still get 100% of the benefits.

Looking for a new LED complete system? Obviously we can help you there as well. Solid steel systems for spas and premium salons and studios. These new LED systems are 8 times stronger than fluorescent 633nm systems, for shorter sessions and more profit per hour.

Click over to or call Rick at 1-800-274-1744 to buy a new system, find out if it will fit in your tanning bed, or for him to help you find a very inexpensive bed it will work in.

Get the most out of your tanning lamps