Ultra Dark 2

An excellent non-tingle tanning product of the finest quality, a culmination of all of the state of the art technologies available have created the finest most result oriented advanced tanning lotion you will ever use. ULTRA DARK 2 is much more than just a tanning product, it is an experience that your tanners will love and be telling all their friends about. This action packed formula affords each individual excellent all over skin care and is far more intense and fast acting than any other acceleration formula. ULTRA DARK 2 is the ultimate blend of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, natural botanicals, L-Tyrosine and pure exotic oils united with perfect balance in a pure aloe base. Ultra Dark2 is designed to give tanners far more than they ever imagined.

Digital technology has allowed the perfection of this blend to make an extraordinary quality lotion. Every professional tanner knows that the right product will help their skin keep its youthful vibrant look, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, develop and maintain a world class tan while rehydrating their skin and replenishing the lost moisture. Ultra Dark2.

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