Hour Meter

Hour meter used on many tanning beds, and can be used on any project that requires an hour meter. Many people have asked for a meter that can be retrofitted to existing beds, or to replace a defective unit. Any project that needs an hour meter that runs on 120V can likely use this unit.

We can't help you retrofit this into your existing bed. The task is NOT trivial, but it is pretty simple to hook up if you are comfortable working with electronics and using cutting tools. Hour meter comes with bezel to allow installing with no screws needed. Designed to mount in a flat sheet of aluminum, steel or plastic. Can be used on thicker surfaces if they are relatively flat.

Counts up to 99999 hours before rolling over. Can NOT be reset to 00000 manually, it counts forward only. Counts hours and 1/100ths of hours (white area). Fully tested, CSA and UR (UL registered part) listed.

This unit is 120V only. This works for all units that plug into the wall and most 4 wire 240v systems. (they are actually split 120v internally) This includes all 4 wire connect version of the SunMaster 32, SunDash R32/26, Montego Bay Wolff 24, Classic/Legend series, and other beds that use Magnetic, Triad or other 120V electronics with a 240V hookup. Beds that use a pure 3 wire 230V system (SunQuest, SunVision, other beds with a 3 prong 230v plug) should use the 230V version, currently not available (call).

Hour meter bezel Hour meter side view
Bezel included with each hour meter. This holds it into place and serves as a template if you need to cut a hole for the device. The bezel clips over the back and can adjust to any thickness of material up to about a half inch. Can be removed as well. Note the origination of the bezel: the larger section goes toward the front, and the "T" tab goes over the "teeth" on the sides.

Hour meter back view Hour meter wiring
The two screws on the back are connected to power (110v-125v shown) by running power to the terminals on the same side of the relay as the other electronics. Must be wired in parallel, so that no load is on the hour meter.

120V version has two contacts, "+" (120v hot) and "-" (neutral). Unit amp draw is very small and should not affect amp rating for unit.

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