Step One

First, write down this number: 1-800-274-1744. If there are questions you have that are not answered in this guide, you can call us toll-free. Trust us, write it down so you don't forget where you found this information! Bookmarking this page (add to favorites) is also a good idea. It will make coming back much easier.

Before you can buy tanning lamps for your tanning bed, we will need some information. If you are not near your tanning bed, you will need to write this information down when you get home. (This is why you should write our phone number down, so you can call us then).  If you already know what size lamps you need (F71, F73, etc.) then you can go to Step Two

1. What is the brand of tanning bed? Examples are SunMaster, SunQuest Wolff, SunVision, Alpha Sun, Suntana, Alisun, Montego Bay, SonnenBruane, etc. "Wolff" is not a brand, we need the manufacturer's name.

2. How many lamps are in the bed?

3. Do you have face tanning on the bed? (The kind that is a purple plate that is over your face area. Those use a different bulb) If so, how many?

4. If you can see the label on the lamp, GREAT! Write that down! If not, that is ok, too. The important numbers look similar to this:  F71T12BLHO or similar.  They almost always start with the "F" number, which is really what we are after.   F71, F72, F73, F59 (short lamps) are what you will see.

If your tanning bed is older than 15 years old, or has face tanning, we ask you call us at 1-800-274-1744 unless you can read the size of the lamps, count the sizes for each (typically F59 short lamps and F71 long lamps) and order online. We don't mind the call, its what we do!

If you have a common tanning bed, with NO face tanning plates, then you are about done. If your tanning bed is any of the following models:
SunMaster (except a few commercial beds)
Alpha Sun
Star Power
Private Sun
Dr. Kern
Beauty Pro Wolff
or the lamp is clearly marked "F71", then you have an F71 lamp. That is all you need to know to buy lamps!  Well, almost.  You can go to Step Two.

If you have a Montego Bay tanning bed with a PLASTIC outer shell, you have F71 lamps.

If your tanning lamps have two metal pins on the end (similar to 4 foot fluorescent lamps and the picture above), then you have F71 lamps.

If your tanning bed does NOT have metal pins, but instead has a plastic cap on the ends of the lamps (shown above), then you have either F73 or F72 lamps (F72 lamps are pretty rare). You should be able to see this on the lamps.

Now, 98% of you will know exactly what size lamp you will need.  So next we figure out which lamp is best for YOU.

Step Two

Let us be direct about this:  About half of you want the least expensive lamp you can get that is still good quality.  If this is you, you can just jump over and buy lamps now.  At least look at the Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit as well, since over half of our customers buy this for good reason.

Ok, for the rest of you who want to learn a little more before selecting a lamp, you have to ask yourself something:  What is most important:  How fast you tan, or how dark you get?

Most people say "both" (we want it all, don't we?) so they choose a 5% UVB lamp.  This is what most tanning beds come with as standard equipment, and it is a really good compromise.  If you like your 20 minute tanning as it is, just want new lamps and better general performance, the 5% lamps are the best bet.  This would include the SunMaster Custom Bronzer, and all the tanning lamp kits we sell with face tanning added.  Because we make SunMaster beds, we can offer you the SunMaster lamps for less.

If you are one of those who prefers 30 minute tanning sessions, is a little more patient about building a base tan, and your goal is to get the DARKEST tan possible even if it takes a little longer, then you should look at lower UVB (higher UVA) lamps.   Some great examples are the Morning Sun 2.6% lamps and the ERS Sol Soft lamps.  You build your base tan slower (4 weeks versus 3) but within 8 weeks you will be much darker because it has more UVA.

If you are not concerned about getting the darkest tan, but you want a good tan, SUPER FAST, the 6.5% or higher lamps are for you.  They are designed to get you a base tan faster, and for 15 to 20 minute sessions.  They stimulate your skin quicker with more UVB (which gives them lower UVA).  Your best value for 6.5% lamps would be a Custom Plus from SunMaster.  It is a proven blend of phosphors, and it is very affordable.

Some people go as high as the 7.5% or 8.5% lamps, but we don't recommend them for inexperienced tanners!  They are so strong in the UVB, you can burn easily if you are not careful.  They are for 10 minute tanning beds.  Light Sources have some excellent choices for these higher UVB lamps.

As a rule:  The higher the UVB, the faster you tan, but the less deep you tan.   The lower the UVB, the slower you tan, but the deeper (darker) you end up in the long run.

Before you decide, we have a few more affordable options for you.  Want to add face tanning?  Now you can, and you don't have to change any wiring or anything!   How cool is that?  Select one of the kits that offer face tanning and just install like regular lamps.  The technology is inside the lamp.  You begin by picking a kit group that has the same number of lamps as your tanning bed.

Having trouble tanning your legs?  Convert it to a leg tanning machine!  No wiring or extra hardware needed.  Just like the face tanning lamps, you install them like regular lamps, but you put the PINK section over your legs for up to 20% more UVB over your legs and a faster tan.

Step Three

Buy a tanning bed rebuild kit.  Yes, we are pretty direct about this, but it is a fact that if you use it, you will see 20% to 40% higher output from your tanning bed.  It has acrylic cleaner and eyewear included, which you already need, and Novus products that will recondition your acrylics.  It is under $30 and it is much easier to use if you do it at the same time you change your lamps.   It will only take about 30 minutes.  There is enough product in the kit to last you 5 years, and the kit costs less than buying all the seperate products.  We even include a handy guide to help you use it.  It is easy, we promise.  We have sold thousands of these kits over the years, and have heard only praise about the results.


Well, nothing fancy here, we just hope this page helped you figure out what size lamps you need, and what lamps you want to buy.  Still have questions?  Call us at 1-800-274-1744 or email us by clicking the link below.  We want to thank you for buying your lamps from, and look forward to serving you in the future!

Get the most out of your tanning lamps