SunMaster ClearTech tanning lamps are the clear choice
ClearTech® is a completely new lamp technology that was originally developed by LTI, Ltd. of Hungary in combination with SunMaster® here in the USA. It isn't just stronger, or better, or longer lived than regular lamps. It is a completely different kind of tanning lamp technology, which makes comparing it to other lamps difficult, even other SunMaster lamps.

ClearTech lamps use a completely different glass and phosphor mix, and produce a completely different spectrum than regular lamps. They are noticably brighter, and put out well over 30% more total usable UV than any other lamp at the same wattage. They also look just a bit different. The initial response from salon owners, including reorders, was so strong that we went through 6 months worth of inventory in less than 1 month. To say that they were impressed would be an understatement. You can read what a few had to say here.

Lamps with ClearTech technology look like regular lamps until they are turned on, then they glow a pleasant green.

In short, ClearTech technology makes lamps last up to 1600 hours at maximum output. A ClearTech with 2000 hours on it will still produce more UVA and UVB than a regular lamp. While they cost more than regular lamps, they cost less PER SESSION, so they represent a smart choice for salon owners who are interested in the total cost of running their salon. The intense bronzing action will also insure that your clients are completely pleased, on the first or 1400th hour of lamp life. If you try them, you will never go back to generic replacements again.

This F72 version of the ClearTech 20 is identical to our other sizes, in construction and price. It is guaranteed to be the finest tanning lamp made, regardless of size. If you are wanting to seriously upgrade your older tanning bed to modern performance, this lamp and a $28.99 Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit is the best way to do it.

Get the most out of your tanning lamps