Let the inner cougar out. Kit of 24 lamps

Intense UVB, almost 10%

Designed for 10-12 minute sessions

For people who don't fool around...when it comes to tanning.

Our strongest UVB lamp. Not for light complexions.
Intense tanning power that is NOT for the timid!  The SunMaster Cougar delivers twice the UVB tanning stimulation when compared to traditional bronzer tanning lamps.  It is designed for 10 minute tanning sessions (regardless of the timer in your bed) and gets you color, FAST.  Based on our highly acclaimed Pro Series phosphors, with performance and reliable that professional salons depend on, plus long life phosphors that keep going strong after other lamps fade out.

Cougar lamps will get you a great base tan in about HALF the time.  A great lamp for people with medium to darker skin, and who spend time outdoors as well.  The super high UVB will jump start your melanin production, and help you get the tanned glow of a professional beach bum in no time.

Pink Bronzing Bulbs

High octane performance that is designed for any tanning bed with at least 24 lamps. (Will cause "striping" in beds with only 16 or 20 lamps, they are really that hot!)  Get more, get it faster, and let the inner Cougar shine through.

Technical Info

Life rating: 1200 hours
UVB rating: 9.5%+
Color: Blue
Sizes: F71 - T12 100W
Hotness factor: EXTREME
Bronzing factor: moderate

For tanning beds with at least 24 lamps. Tans less deeply but they build a base tan in half the time.  Super hot, super fast tans, with a realistic, "been in the sun all week" color.

Skin types: Medium or darker skin only.  Will burn fair skin easily.
NOT for fair or light skinned tanners!  Seriously, this lamp is hotter than a firecracker!  We strongly suggest that you reduce your tanning sessions to no more than 2 or 3 minutes to start out, to prevent overexposure.  Never tan to the point of a sunburn.  Tan smart.

2776x24$407.76Kit of 24, F71 size: 
Get the most out of your tanning lamps