Brilliance Tanning Lamps

Brilliance Letter of Compatibility

Brilliance 6.5% 100W lamp, in F71, F73 and 80w F59 sizes. Rated for 800 hours.

A hotter version of the 5%, for just a little more money. This 6.5% UVB lamp provides a boost in UVB for higher stimulation and faster base tanning. Manufactured by Light Sources (LSI) this lamp is rated for 800 hours of real world use.

It is a very cost effective replacement for salons and persons who own personal tanning beds, and will deliver more satisfaction than you would expect from a lamp priced this low.

This lamp is legally compatible with the following OEM lamps:

Voltarc 6.5
Bellarium Plus
Bellarium S
Eternal Sun
Crystal Sun S
Diamond Sun S
Goldarium SP
Euro Sun S3
Cosmolux ESP

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