Brilliance Tanning Lamps

Brilliance Letter of Compatibility

Brilliance 5.0% 100W lamp, in F71, F73 and F59/80W sizes. Rated for 800 hours.

Exceptional value. This 5% UVB lamp provides enough UVB to stimulate the skin, and plenty of UVA to get you dark.  Manufactured by Light Sources (LSI) this lamp is rated for 800 hours of real world use.

It is a very cost effective replacement for salons and persons who own personal tanning beds, and will deliver more satisfaction than you would expect from a lamp priced this low.

Salon Owners: This lamp is legally compatible with the following OEM lamps:

Voltarc 5.0
Voltarc 4.2
Bellarium Plus
Bellarium S
Eternal Sun
Crystal Sun S
Diamond Sun S
Goldarium SP
Euro Sun S3
Cosmolux ESP

Get the most out of your tanning lamps