Buck/Boost Transformer 230V/30 Amp

This is a 30A transformer and you MUST select the correct voltage drop/rise below before ordering it. If you are not sure if this is the correct item for your tanning bed, you should instead call 1-800-274-1744 before ordering. If you are POSITIVE you know what you need, then please do order online.

This is NOT the right transformer if you have a 24 lamp tanning bed, or a 32 lamp tanning bed without face tanning with 100W lamps. The 30A is usually only required for 36+ lamp tanning beds. This transformer looks like the image above, with a cord and receptical.

You must select to either go UP in voltage, or DOWN in voltage. Most tanning salons have 208V service, and would choose the "Up 24V" option if the imcoming voltage is less than 208V or "Up 16V" if the voltage is 208V to 213. If you have single phase power, and your voltage is above 240V, then the most common transformer is the "Down 12V". We recommend you try to keep your voltage closer to 230V, rather than 220V. Remember, the load voltage will be slighly lower than the unloaded voltage. (211 with the tanning bed off may be 208 with the tanning bed on.)

By the nature of this item, it is not returnable once opened except for defect, so be sure to order the right part the first time or call instead. UL and C-UL or UR Recognized.

bbtrans-30a$329.99Voltage Drop/Rise: 
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