Buck/Boost Transformer - 230V/20A - Plus 24V

Buck/Boost Transformer with premolded plug and receptacle. Unlike traditional transformers, you don't have to wire this one. It is designed to plug any 15 or 20 amp tanning bed in (NEMA 6-15 or 6-20) and you just plug it into your dedicated circuit (NEMA 6-20).

PLEASE NOTE: Your actually running voltage will be LESS than this measured voltage using a digital volt meter because voltage usually drops a small amount under load. We recommend that you buy a buckboost transformer with the goal of achieving 130 to 135VAC using your unloaded measurement for best performance.

This unit will raise the incoming voltage by approximately 24 volts AC. For most tanning beds that need 230v, this is the correct transformer if your incoming voltage (as measured using a digital volt meter) is 200VAC to 212VAC.

Note: This is one of our more popular transformers for salon owners who want to run their tanning beds at the upper voltage limit, and have three phase 208V service.

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