The Professional Grade Bronzer - Kit of 28

Deeper bronzing, for 20 minute tans

100% salon grade components

Professional results, in the salon or in your home

Best seller for people with light to medium skin
Pro Bronzer tanning lamps are a step above ordinary bronzing lamps, and are proven in salons nationwide.  They are based on a 5% UVB ratio, professional salon grade, multi-phosphor blend that is exclusive to SunMaster lamps.  They provide a more "sun like" spectrum when compared to regular lamps, or even our Custom Series lamps.  So the tan you get from them is closer to the color you get in the sun, without any odd orange hues, only natural beauty.

If you are looking for a slightly hotter version of this lamp, the Pro Plus is one of our best selling lamps of all time, and uses the same multi-phosphor blend, but in a 6.5% UVB ratio for slightly hotter tanning.

Technical Info

Life rating: 1200+ hours
UVB rating: 5%
Color: blue
Sizes: F71, F73, 100w, T12
Hotness factor: medium
Bronzing factor: very high

Designed for premium 20 minute tanning beds.  Extra long life span make them more cost effective than plain lamps.

Skin types: Almost everyone that can tan.
Works in all SunQuest Wolff, SunVision, Sunstar, ESB, Solar Storm, SunMaster, Alpha Sun or other beds that use F71 or F73 size lamps.   Call 1-800-274-1744 if you need help determining size.

SunMaster Letter of Compatibility

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