Kit of 26 total tanning lamps.
(14 Pro Face, 12 Custom Bronzers)

Pro Face tanning bulb kits are designed to upgrade any older tanning bed into something special.  It is a matched set of lamps designed to work with your existing tanning bed, regardless of brand. 

Get better face coverage plus a sexy, dark tan that will turn heads when you insist on the Pro Face Kit by SunMaster.

Pro Face lamps fit any tanning bed that uses F71 lamps (which is over 90% of beds), including SunQuest, SunVision, SunMaster, Alpha Sun, Solar Storm, Soleil and others.  They install like any other lamp, no extra hardware or work is required.  The technology is INSIDE the lamp.  Just install with the label over your face area in the canopy of the tanning bed, and when you turn your bed on, you will have an remarkable and updated bronzing tanning bed, with a 20% boost in UVB over your face..  Best of all, upgrading to a face tanning system is affordable, and costs less than most retailers charge for generic Wolff lamps!

Pro Body tanning lamps installed

Once you have installed your new Pro Face tanning lamps and turn on your tanning bed, they will look like this image above.  Pink section over your face is a 6.5% medium hot bronzer, the blue section is a 5% traditional bronzer.  Both phosphor mixes are based on our Pro Series lamps, which means they last 50% longer than regular lamps and are designed for the rigors of professional salons.  The Custom Bronzer tanning lamps are the same lamp we use in all SunMaster Signature Series tanning beds, with a proven 5% UVB mix, perfect for this kit.

Technical Info

Life rating: 1200+800 hours
(5-7 years at home)
UVB rating: 5%/6.5%
Color: blue
Sizes: F71, 100w, T12
Hotness factor: medium
Bronzing factor: high

Kit designed for all tanning beds that use F71 tanning lamps.

Skin types: All but the most sensitive skin types.
Works in all SunQuest Wolff, SunVision, Sunstar, ESB, Solar Storm, SunMaster, Alpha Sun or other beds that use F71 size lamps.   Call 1-800-274-1744 if you need help determining size. This kit has more face lamps than bronzers, as most 26 lamp beds have 14 lamps in the canopy. Call for a custom kit if your bed doesn't.

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Get the most out of your tanning lamps