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Diehl mechanical timer - 30 minute, dual voltage.

This is a single, T85 Diehl timer which has been used as a tanning bed timer for many different companys for over 2 decades. This is the 30 minute version (the example shown is similar but with a different max time). These were typically used for home or small commercial tanning beds, but can be used to trigger virtually any relay/contactor or any load at or below rating.

Unlike the MS65 timers, these are a purely mechanical timer, with no requirement for a neutral wire and use no electricity. These are sometimes known as "clicker timers" because of the distinctive clicking sound they make when timing down.

These have two separate poles that can be switched independently, allowing it to be used for US 220VAC-240VAC isolated switching.

Specifications: Max voltage: 120VAC-250VAC Running voltage: 0VAC (mechanical, requires no power) Max amperage: 16A @ 120VAC-250VAC Hertz: 50/60hz

Knob is not included, unit can accept a variety of different types. Be sure to choose your session time before pressing ORDER.

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