MS65 timer - 120V - 30 minute

This timer is 30 minute and 120 volts, for single or double pole. Call 1-800-274-1744 if you are not sure what you need.

Please note, we do NOT have the single layer timers anymore, but this can easily be used in the single layer place if you move a couple of wires. We will include a simple instruction guide on doing this. Double layer (8 blades) can just move wire to wire, single layer (4 blades) MUST follow the instructions. It will take you no more time than connecting a single layer.

Max voltage: 120VAC
Running voltage: 120VAC (requires 120v hot and neutral)
Max amperage: 15A @ 120VAC
Max time: 30 minutes
Hertz: 60hz

Knob not included. Accepts a variety of types.

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