Unlike cheaper lamps, Virtual Sun are not "blems" or factory seconds. These are great quality lamps designed by SunMaster for people who are very price sensitive. These compare well to lamps that others sell for $10-$13. Expect years of high quality tans.

The Virtual Sun Bronzer is a standard grade bronzer, exactly like those used as original equipment in many tanning beds. Designed specifically for home tanning bed, they come in both F71 and F73 sizes.

The VS Bronzer has 5% UVB, just like the sun on a sunless July day. This means the output is similar to real sunlight. Of course, the VS Bronzer is stronger than lying in the sun, but you get the same sun-rich hues, just in less time.

Built and backed by SunMaster as a less expensive alternative to our commercial salon lamps, we put decades of experience in every bulb.

There is a minimum order of 16 lamps with Virtual Sun.

Note to Salons: Letter of compatibility is not available as these are not designed for salons. Commercial salons that operate tanning beds all day long should look at the SunMaster Pro Series instead, which has twice the life for just a couple dollars more.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day


16 VS Bronzer 5%
24 VS Bronzer 5%
16 VS Bronzer 5%

24 VS Bronzer 5%


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