Absolutely everything you need to restore any older SunQuest®, SunVision® or other Wolff System or other bed that uses lamp starters. If your bed uses F72 or F73 lamps, or doesn't have lamp starters, then you just need the regular rebuild kit, shown at the very bottom of this page.

The fact is, you need to recondition your acrylics in your tanning bed every year or two, or it is blocking UV, no matter how clean you keep your bed (this is a natural property of acrylic). This kit is guaranteed to restore your acrylics to like-new condition and give you back the power you have been missing.

This is the ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE KIT. It comes with the following contents:

1) 16oz. SunMaster acrylic cleaner concentrate (makes many gallons of solution)
2) pair of Sunnies eyewear. (You should replace your goggles every year or two.)
1) 8oz. Novus 1 Polish
1) 8oz. Novus 2 scratch remover
1) 2oz. Novus 3 heavy scratch remover
1) Easy to follow Instruction Guide
24) Lamp starters for 80w to 140w lamps
1) FREE bottle of premium tanning lotion!

This kit is similar to our regular rebuild kit, but has the extra benefit of *new* lamp starters and a HUGE bottle of Wipeout (Warm Chilling Bronzer w/ Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle) for free. If you bed has more than 24 lamps, just order some extra lamp starters after you order this kit to replace ALL starters at the same time.

Combine this with a fresh set of SunMaster lamps, and get faster lamp starts, darker tans, shorter session times, and a better overall tan: GUARANTEED.

If you don't need lamp starters, check out our regular Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit below.

Lose your brochure explaining how to use the Rebuild Kit? Download one.

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Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit
Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit

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Sale $28.99

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