F72 adapter (pair)

This is the black plastic cap that fits over the bipins on a tanning lamp to convert to an RDC lamp. These are most commonly used to convert an F71 lamp into an F72 lamp. While the length is slightly different, most F72 booths and beds can use an F71 lamp with these ends attached, as the lamp holders are spring loaded. We can't guarantee it will work perfectly in your bed, but 99.5% of the time, it does.

This lets owners of beds that only use F72 lamps (including some SunTana, Tanfit, Puretan and others) to use F71 lamps, which are more widely available.

This will NOT WORK in beds that need F73 lamps! This only works for beds that need F72!

NOTE! If your current F72 lamps are in fairly TIGHT, these will NOT work! This adaptation makes a F72 that is actually longer than a regular F72, so you may have to slide your lamp ends out (on models that allow this) or instead choose a lamp that comes in a standard F72 size, such as the Pro Plus.

Sold in PAIRS. Order the same number as you have lamps.


Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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