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While the original lamps for Sundash® Platinum beds are perfectly adequate, you DO have a choice in the brand of lamp you put inside your tanning beds.

Engineered in the USA to be the ultimate replacement lamp for Sundash Platinum Series tanning beds. 105W minimum rating. As strong as we can make it, and still be 100% legally compliant. Guaranteed, proven performance for 10 minute tanning systems. Letter of compatability included in each case.

SunMaster Letter of Compatibility

North Carolina and Virginia salon owners: These can be picked up locally at our Greensboro, NC office, along with all other SunMaster lamps, parts and lotions. We started as a Sundash dealer in 1985, and can help fill the void left by the "departure" of your local dealers. Call 1-800-274-1744 or come by anytime during normal business hours.

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