Equator Sun 8.5

Our hottest Light Sources Lamp. This is an ultra-high UVB lamp. We don't recommend it for regular tanners, however. It is better suited for individuals who NEED ultra-high UVB for specific reasons. Higher UVB lamps stimulate your skin FASTER, but do not tan as DEEP. An exceptional lamps for specific situations.

100W HO. Select your size below.

Salon Owners: This lamp is legally compatible for your tanning bed if it originally was certified to use these lamps: Sunbronze 8.5%, LSI 8.5%, Instatan 8.9%, Meridian XL 75, Real Sun XXXX, Sundance 8.5, Puretan SX, Genesis 10/105W Platinum F74.

SunMaster Letter of Compatibility

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